Welcome to Shlomo Sixt Car Rental Israel’s Travel Blog!

Here you will find everything you need to know for your travels through Israel. Enjoy our articles, travel tips, and read about all of the hidden gems of Israel. Learn how to easily navigate through this amazing countryWe will provide you with all the answers you have about locations, driving safety, rental inquiries, and everything you need to know about group trips, couple getaways, and family vacations.

Our goal is to inform and interest you. To help us continuously improve our mission, please ask questions, request information, and contribute to our blog with your own travel experience. Again,we welcome & thank you, for joining the Israel Travel Blog Community!


Visit the official Shlomo Sixt Car Rental Israel Site and see the many ways we can assist you in your travels.  As the largest car rental company in Israel we have 27 branches all throughout Israel,  starting from the north in Kiryat Shmona and reaching Eilat, the most southern city in Israel. You will also find an extensive fleet of vehicles, suitable for any traveler including group travels, business professionals, young drivers, or parents with small children. If you’re looking for great deals sign up for our newsletter, if you would like to connect and book right from your phone 24/7,  download iShlomo, the Shlomo Sixt iPhone App, and now you can take advantage of our new and exclusive portable wireless router with a local data plan allowing you to take your online network with you wherever your travels may take you!


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