Bragging rights: Shlomo Sixt Won 1st place!

I know, a man should not brag for his achievements but…..I won! Another year of #1 in Europe for outbound sales! We always strive to keep our #1 spot and it is a real pleasure and honor to get the #1 position we work so hard for.

What do we stand for in Shlomo Sixt?

  • Superb costumer service: “Always YES”, that’s our slogan, and we try to keep it in our service! We want to make you happy, we want to make sure our consumers reach a high level of satisfaction at any given point – searching, booking and actual ride! If you need help with anything before or after your booking – please feel free to contact me directly!
  • Our extended fleet of cars: We have the Opel Adam and thousands of cars to accommodate your need for a new, modern,clean and awesome car to enjoy your travel!
  • Our prices: Great value per day, in and out of Israel! Always welcome to tweet me at @SixtIsrael to see what’s up and ask for a free upgrade!
  • Our new website is ready to host you: – our winter rates are IN!

Our direct contact also include my e-mail you can contact at – we got great prices for you and any travel advice you might need – keep me posted!


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