Hot plates for a cold day!

Some weekends are for family visits! This weekend we went with the whole family to visit my elderly aunt in Afula. With the fast paced life and career sometimes we don’t have the time to go and visit family, that’s why I’m always making the time – there’s never enough time so we got to make some for family!

We had a great visit with my Aunt, we made her Hannuka cookies and she loved spending time with my kids. On the way back we decided to stop for some great food and we decided to head to Osefoya – a village with amazing food that is also known for offering vegan and vegetarian options and my kid loves it!

We enjoyed Kanafe from an amazing lady – they even had a vegan option believe it? they have plenty of awesome street vendors and open shops even in the colder days and we go great labane to take home and awesome pita breads with herbs and more. Later we sat down at a wonderful place I highly recommended – Chaplin, a place for awesome beer, meats with fresh flavors and a great view.

Osefiya is becoming one of the culinary havens of the north, with new places opening and places renovating their menus and offering delicious new options – for vegans and carnivores!

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