And a Happy New Year!

For the second day of 2017, we are thrilled to tell you we have plenty of surprised for you this year – fresh cars, new travel destinations, exciting deals all over the country and lots of fun things including a Free Upgrade when you contact me directly on Twitter or e-mail (

What was your favorite destination this year?

So hard for me to choose only one but Here’s some great moments from this passed year:

  • Foodie Alert:We lost Mizlala and Katit this year – Meir Adoni’s restaurants were closed after more than 10 years in the scene. One of our favorites – we will miss it! Lumina and Blue Sky are still around though, but there are different style than the more urban that closed.
  • The Pasaz club in Tel Aviv opened his doors again with new shows, new party lines and nonetheless- an ARCADE ROOM!! unbelievable!
  • Jerusalem-bound: The festival of lights in the city was marvelous and unique!
  • Kalia beach at the Dead Sea provided plenty of good times for friends and family – my favorite this year in the dead sea.
  • In haifa: Templers Boutique in Haifa and all this area in general of the German colony in Haifa is amazing! Highly recommended for a day travel or more!

Would love to hear from your greatest travel moments of this year!

If you need more reasons to choose Shlomo Sixt, let me offer you our latest deals – leave a comment or write me to


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