Winter Blues? or Booze and Blues?

If you are a music fan, you already know THE place in Israel for good music is usually Tel Aviv, the finest bands, musicians and clubs gather in one metropolitan,

Me and my wife came across a few local bands and locations I think you should learn about, it helps us shake the winter blues and get into an active lifestyle! This week I read a blog post about how people that go to concert often live longer! I believe it, even when its freezing out, its gives a feeling of freedom!

Rotschild 12: This place just has free shows all week, every week! I love how it’s opens my mind to new shows and new artists – Im going to see Rebel Sun and Mean Johnny Barrows this week, I watched Quarter to Africa last month and I met a really cool DJ chen Baruch that was playing there -all very different styles! Highly recommended!

Container: This location in the old city of Jaffa is a unique one, almost every day there’s a show for free and with a n array of musical flavors from funk to hip hop to pop to anything you can dream of….we were lucky to watch a jazz quartet that were just awesome! Also, great sea food and sea side location – dress warm at nights!

Eli and the Chocolate factory: Those guys are fully SWING! They do classic and innovative music that all relates to their love and a passion as mine as well – the swing music! Love their vibe – I follow their show schedule and try to never miss a show!

Hope you loved my idea about music in Tel Aviv – my next post will tell you more about this week’s Blues festival in Tel Aviv!

If you wish to learn more about renting a car to any of those locations, please leave a comment or write me to boaz.travel12@gmail – we have great rates all year round and contacting me will provide you a free upgrade!


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