Birthdays are always an excuse for road trips!

I love road trips every chance I can – I think you already figured it out about me! And this week I have a chance for a special one for a special sister. We’re very close and always been growing up and we both love nature, trips and living the good Israeli way of life –  indulgent and exciting!

This week we’re going to the warmest place we can go to….Eilat! But we are not staying in a main hotel, we are trying to make it more fun and stay off the beaten track – we are staying in a place called Villa Sigala. Anyone been there? For me it’s a first but my wife went for a friend weekend and had a blast!

About the car rental arrangements, well, you can always trust me to help or log on to our site at Shlomo Sixt website! But not only, you can ask me any advice about your itinerary or future Israel plans, I promise to help as much as I can to make your trip into a better, well-organized experience.

You can also visit my blog to find out more about destinations, fun events and my personal experiences traveling Israel: Shlomo Sixt Blog

You know what’s the most exciting part? We’re taking a siblings trip, all of us, like the good old days and I’ll return with some adventurous ideas for your next family/siblings/fun trip!

Stay safe on the road this week, like always!


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